Your Time Is Now!!!

It is time for you to wake up to the amazing being-ness that you are!!!

You Are Ready to be Transformed!!!

It has taken me most of my life to discover that all the tools I need for my life are already within me, I just needed help in uncovering them. Which is something I now wish to do for you.

There is nothing solid in this Multiverse, there is only change. If this is true how do we know who we are and how do we cope with being in a state of constantly recreating ourselves.

We are living in times where the very fabric of our beliefs are challenged everyday, Mandela Effect, Schumann Resonance, Flat Earth vs Spherical, Imminent Extraterrestrial Reveal Event, Mudfossils, Trying to figure out which news source is actually the fake news, Politics making absolutely no sense, Parenting techniques of our parents will not work in this new paradigm, but we don’t know what the new skills are. Ready or Not we are riding this horse. I am here at this time to assist you in seeing behind the scenes so that you can better prepare your self for this truly wild roller coaster ride.

I work with People in all Areas in of life:

  • Personal Revolution (Early childhood, teen years, teen parent, drugs, incarceration, parenting from prison, re-building biological and blended families, marriage counseling and conscious uncoupling, relationship transitions)

  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse

  • Parenting Millennial Generation

  • Multigenerational Cohabitation

  • Living Thru Cancer and Correcting Graves Disease

  • The Divine Feminine Perspective as seen thru the Daughter, Sister, Nana, Mother and Grandmother

  • The Divine Masculine Perspective as seen thru the Wife, Lover, Friend and Daughter

These are areas that I have personally experienced transformation in my life. I know how difficult it can be to move through the heart break and wounded areas of your life. Sometimes you are just not sure you are gonna be able to hold on. I know what if feels like to contemplate driving the car over the cliff. Finding the Gold inside a tragic or traumatic situation can be one of hardest thing you ever do. I am here to add compassion and support. That is my mission and why I am here on this planet at this time.

So I want to ask you a few question and let you experience what comes up for you:

  • Can you… just for a moment feel what you would feel like if you knew you weren’t broken and there was nothing that needed to be fixed?

  • How would you feel if you could transform the components of your life that appear to be chaotic and crazy into a discovery that you had been creating a beautiful and brilliant tapestry all along that is uniquely you. You’ve been lied to. You are completely Special and holding a very unique frequency that only you can hold on this planet.

  • What if you knew you could change your past by looking at events from a different perspective thereby change the content of your future?

  • Could you feel loved if you don't love yourself? Can you love another if you don't love and appreciate yourself?

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” - Maya Angelou